UTAR Vehicle Sticker

(27 December 2023 Update)

Please be informed that students may now apply for the UTAR vehicle stickers for the January 2024 trimesterVehicle stickers are required for vehicles to enter UTAR Kampar Campus and UTAR Sungai Long Campus. The UTAR vehicle sticker (RM106.00 for cars in Kampar Campus only and RM10.60 for motorbikes) will be charged for the coming January 2024 trimester. Please take note that the vehicle sticker fee is SST inclusiveAll official stickers are numbered and registeredDo NOT purchase stickers from any other source or sell/falsified/amend/transfer stickers to other students.

Rules and Regulations

Illegal Selling / Buying and Misuse of UTAR Vehicle Stickers

Only vehicles with valid UTAR vehicle sticker or other relevant permit / pass are allowed to enter and/or park inside the Campus. 

UTAR vehicle stickers are to be used by the designated vehicles only and cannot be assigned to other vehicles ["Not Transferable"]

Selling of the stickers and/or buying the stickers from other sources such as Facebook or third parties are illegal and it is a serious offence. UTAR is now taking serious action against those found guilty of this offence.

Students who are involved in selling or buying the stickers or allowed the stickers to be used by other vehicles will be charged, among others, under Section 6(2) of Student Code of Conduct ["the Code"] which states that: - 

"A student shall not violate any provision of any written law, whether within or outside the campus."

Students who are involved in amending or falsifying the stickers will be charged under Section 25.5 of Student Code of Conduct which states that :- 

"Making, possessing, or using any falsified, torn or defaced University document or record; altering any University document or record, University vehicle sticker etc. is an offence."

Should the student be found guilty, the student may be subjected to suspension of study.

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions - Vehicle Stickers

Fake Vehicle Stickers and Fake Medical Chits (M.C)

The University takes serious view on the issue of fake vehicle stickers and fake medical chits.

With IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students who are found guilty:
(a) of involving in the selling of fake vehicle stickers / fake medical chits will be TERMINATED from their studies
(b) of involving in the buying of fake stickers / fake medical chits will be SUSPENDED from their studies (the period of suspension will be determined at the relevant Disciplinary Committee)

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions - Vehicle Stickers 

Issuance of Vehicle Sticker to Students with Different Abilities

Students with different abilities may request for the vehicle sticker from DSS.

The vehicle sticker will be issued to these students by DSS upon approval by the Vice President of Student Development and Alumni Relations.