Student Representative Council

Preserving student's rights, welfare and privileges.

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The Student Representative Council (SRC) shall be operated within the confines and in accordance with UTAR Student Code of Conduct, UTAR Rules & Regulations and the objectives of the Committee as follows: 

  • To encourage and promote intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development among the students of the University; 
  •  To participate in the organization and supervision of, subject to the direction of the President, student welfare facilities in the University including recreational facilities, social, spiritual and religious activities; 
  •  To make representations to the President on all matters relating to, or connected with, the living and studying conditions of the University; 
  •  To be represented in any body which may in accordance with any rule made by the Council for the purpose, be appointed to undertake student welfare activities in the University; and 
  •  To undertake such other activities as may be determined by the Council from time to time.  
The Council membership is as follows: 

  • Chairperson 
  • Vice Chairperson Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • One representative from each faculty/institute in the campus 
  • Five campus wide representatives 
  • One international representative 
  • Two Auditors 
  • One postgraduate representative 
UTAR's Rules and Regulations pertaining to the SRC can be found in Regulation-XIII