Booth Rental



  1. All visitors are required to adhere to University Rules and Regulations whenever they are on campus. Important guidelines to be aware of include:
    1. Venue Usage Guidelines – SL Campus / KPR Campus
    2. Security Guidelines – Visitor Passes / Parking / Campus Access Policy

The above references are not exhaustive. Please consult the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) to verify all requirements.


  1. A parking pass approved by the Department of Safety and Security (DSS) is required to enter the campus carpark (available only after office hours). Drop off / Pick up may be allowed via registration at the guardhouse.
  2. The organiser is required provide an event pass/visitor pass to access the campus.
  3. All visitors are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from soliciting student data/personal information in any form whatsoever.
  4. Any breach of guidelines/regulations may result in immediate removal from the campus grounds and blacklisting of the company and all of its representatives permanently from the University. All payments made (if any) will also be automatically forfeited and no refunds will be entertained.





  1. Rental – Booth rental is RM250 per day per standard size booth (or equivalent in sponsored products/services in lieu of) as per UTAR’s commercialization policy. All vendors are required to complete payment in advance before being granted permission onto campus.
    * This charges is only for Manufacturers, agents, and vendors but not for UTAR staff/students.
  2. Space – Standard spacing is 5ft X 5ft per booth. Vendors are not allowed to operate beyond the allocated space given.
  3. Location – Fixed locations have been allocated for vendors and DSA will assign booth location on a first come first served basis.
  4. Setup – ONE table and TWO chairs per booth is provided by default. Shall additional requests be required, please consult with DSA for more information. Special requests may be subject to additional charges.
  5. Power Supply – Power supply may be provided on demand, but subject to a power limit of 2,000 watts for all equipment combined. Any damage caused to sockets/switches will be charged accordingly. NO extensions will be provided.
  6. Promotional Material/Activities – All promotional material is to be restricted within the booth/event space. Prior approval must be obtained if a vendor wishes to distribute flyers beyond the operating space provided. Classrooms and academic/office locations are strictly prohibited.
  7. Audio/Visual Content – Subject to restrictions of the venue provided and may differ depending on location. Prior approval and confirmation from DSA is required.
  8. Food & Beverages –
    1. No food preparations of any kind in KA Venues. Any food items are to be pre-packed in advance.
    2. STRICTLY no pork or beef or similarly based products. Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to serve Muslim customers unless their products are certified Halal.
    3. All food items sold are expected to be clean and hygienic. Vendors will be held liable for any suspected causes of any food poisoning and subject to legal action as per investigation.

Cleanliness – All tables/chairs/space allocated should be returned in the same condition as it was received. Cleanliness is expected to be maintained at all times and garbage to be disposed accordingly.


Prohibited Items

Manufacturers, agents, vendors or individuals for or strongly associated with any of the following are not allowed as sponsors of student activities:

  1. cigarettes and tobacco related products;
  2. alcoholic beverages and substances;
  3. non-halal items;
  4. products which are generally hazardous to health;
  5. items which may encourage behaviour or activities that are obscene, immoral or subversive;
  6. items which may incite sedition, racism or religious intolerance or are a threat to national security; and
  7. any other items which are deemed contradictory to the University's goals and objectives as an institution of higher learning.